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  • Ekpang Nkukwo recipe

    Ekpang nkukwo is a native Nigerian dish which originates from the South South Eastern Nigeria i.e Cross River and Akwa Ibom States of Nigeria. Let's wet your taste bud today with our Ekpang Recipe.

    Cooking Time : 1 hr 20 mins
    Servings : 6
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    • 1/3 Water yam tuber"
    • 5 tubers of Cocoyam
    • A bunch of Ugwu leaves or young cocoyam leaves for wrapping
    • 2 cups Palmoil
    • 3 cups of Shelled periwinkles
    • 2 Dry fish /Smoked fish
    • 500g Chicken/ Beef
    • 200g Pomo (Cut into bits) - Optional
    • 1 cup Crayfish, Ground
    • 4 Scotch Bonnets (Red "ata rodo" or yellow pepper "Nsukka pepper"),ground
    • 1 Medium sized red onion, ground
    • 4 Seasoning cubes
    • A handful of Scent leaves "Nchuawun", chopped - Optional
    • Step 1:A handful of Scent leaves "Nchuawun", chopped - Optional
    • Step 2:To prepare the pot, add a little palmoil into an empty dry pot and rub the oil all around the corners of the pot.
    • Step 3:Slice and peel the wateryam and cocoyam tuber. Wash with clean water and grate into a medium sized bowl.
    • Step 4:Soak the Pumpkin leaves in salt water for 5mins to remove the germs and dirt then rinse severally with clean water.
    • Step 5:To prepare the Stock, Soak the dry fish in Hot water for about 3mins to soften and remove whatever dirt is within. Rinse and place in a small pot. Wash the chicken and kpomo and also place in the pot. Sprinkle some salt and cook for about 12mins- Set aside
    • Step 6:Place the pot with the arranged yam wraps on the burner, pour in the rest of the periwinkles, add the Crushed seasoning cubes, pepper, crayfish, onion,1 cup of palm oil, pour in the stock with the chicken and fish included.
    • Step 7:Cook on medium heat for about 25mins till it starts to boil. While it cooks, please note that it shouldn't be stirred....
    • Step 8:Add the rest of the palmoil, leave to cook for about 10mins.
    • Step 9:Add the scent leaves and leave to simmer for about 5mins more
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