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In our busy life, we often forget to take notice of the distress signals and symptoms of wear and tear that our body keeps showing. So before things get out of hand, it's better to slow down and take notice. The choices we make about our lifestyles go a long way in determining our health and well-being. Here’s a list of health-related conditions that are affected by our choices. It is wise to be aware of them so that we choose more carefully.


Our circulatory system includes a complex network of tubes throughout our body length, transporting blood to all organs. As circulation takes place, the pumping action of the heart exerts some pressure on the walls of these tubes. If the pressure persists and is always above the normal blood pressure, it is an indicator of the heart working harder than usual to pump the blood in the body. This generally leads to the heart being over-worked and stressed, thus rendering it weak over a period of time.

If you make correct lifestyle choices such as watching carefully what you eat, exercising regularly and staying active, you can avoid this ailment.


Cholesterol is a fat-like substance which is transported in the blood, and is essential for vital functions of the body like membrane repair and building. However high levels of cholesterol can lead to the heart working harder to pump it along with the blood and thus cause heart related diseases. Cholesterol can be of two types: LDL & HDL. LDL cholesterol is harmful for the body whereas HDL cholesterol does a lot of good to the body.

People with less active, sedentary lifestyles and the ones who consume more saturated fats are more likely to have higher levels of cholesterol. This leads to various heart related diseases such as Hypertension, heart attack, stroke etc.

Making the smart choice by selecting the right food for a healthy diet and healthy products like hygienic cooking oil, lean meat, fresh vegetables etc. coupled with an exercise regime can help you avoid cholesterol troubles.


Obesity is a term that is thrown around a lot and people shrug it off. It is directly related to the amount of fat we consume through our diet. It is a medical condition wherein accumulation of excess fat takes place in our body which can have an adverse effect. If one’s body weight is 20% more than the normal figure, based on your age, sex and height, then you are obese. Obesity stems mainly from one’s choice of lifestyle.

BMI is the most efficient tool for checking whether one is obese or not. It is based on height and weight. Higher the BMI, greater is the chance of getting heart related diseases.

Obesity is also a lifestyle choice. If you choose to stay healthy by opting for healthy eating and lifestyle habits, you can ward off this evil.

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