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  • Ofe akwu (Palm nut soup)

    Ofe Akwu which simply means Palm nut soup in igbo language is a native Nigerian soup, popular in the eastern part of Nigeria. It's quite similar to Banga soup which is also palm nut soup but native to the people of the south-south with the only difference being the type of spices and herbs used in preparation. For Ofe akwu, you could either use just Nchuawun as i did in this post or a combination ofNchuawun (Scent leaves) and Ugu "Pumpkin" leaves .

    Cooking Time : 1 hrs 20 mins
    Servings : 10
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    • 1800kg Fresh Palm Nuts (2 Derica cups)
    • 800g Beef (Red meat), Cut in chunks
    • 400g assorted meat :Cow Intestines, Tripe a.k.a Sharki
    • 1 Red Onion, Whole
    • 1 Cooking spoon Crayfish, Ground
    • 2 medium sized Dry fish / Smoked Fish
    • 1 medium sized Stock fish "Panla" a.k.a.Okporoko (i skipped this)
    • 2 Seasoning cubes. Crushed
    • 2 Red scotch bonnet pepper (Ata rodo), Ground
    • 1 Ogiri Okpei (Substitute: Dawadawa)
    • Salt to taste
    • A handful Scent leaves "Nchuawun"
    • A handful Pumpkin Leaves-(I skipped this)
    • Step 1: Rinse the palm nuts 2-3 times with water then place in a medium sized pot. Add clean water just enough to cover the palm nuts in the pot and cook on the burner for 15-20 mins till the nuts get soft. you can check this by biting into one of the nuts. if it's soft, then its ready. Strain the liquid used in boiling out and place the palmnuts in a mortar and pound with a pestle till the skin separates from the kernel. Scoop the pounded nuts into a clean bowl and add water into it. Squeeze and strain the palm oil into a bowl
    • Step 2: Wash and place the Beef and assorted meat in a different pot. Add the Crushed seasoning, chopped onion, Pepper, Salt and water just enough to cover the meat in the pot. Cook till the meat gets tender leaving the concentrated meat stock within.
    • Step 3: Prepare the ogiri okpei by placing it in a small bowl of water. Mash it up to dissolve -Set aside..
    • Step 4:Prepare the stock fish (if using any) by soaking it in hot water to soften for 10 minutes then rinse with clean water. For the smoked fish or dry fish, all you need to do is open it up from the middle, then remove the bone and gut. Rinse and set aside
    • Step 5: Pour the extracted palm nut liquid in a medium sized pot and cook for about 10 minutes. Gently add the Beef and assorted meat (Including the stock "Meat water").
    • Step 6:Pour in the Ogiri okpei liquid, Add the Smoked fish and stock fish (if you are using any), Add the ground crayfish. Stir and leave to cook with the pot covered for 25-30mins.
    • Step 7: Place the Scent leaves together and thinly slice with a knife. Repeat the same for the pumpkin leaves "Ugu" if you are using any. Add the chopped leaves into the pot of soup and leave to simmer for 5 mins.
    • Turn off the burner and serve with Boiled rice or your favorite swallow.
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