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  • Pineapple Juice Recipe

    Pineapple juice is Nourishing, tasty and so refreshing. It's packed with loads of vitamins and minerals such as Manganese & Vitamin C which functions as natural antioxidants and help keep your immune system healthy. it also contains an enzyme known as Bromelain which is a natural anti-inflammatory agent and digestive enzyme that helps digest proteins and offer anti-inflammatory benefits

    Cooking Time : 0 hrs 20mins
    Servings : 2
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    • 1 Medium sized Pineapple
    • 1 Cup Water
    • Sugar - 1 tsp or 1 tsp honey - Optional
    • Step 1: Slice off the pineapple skin and cut it into small pieces.
    • Step 2: Blend together the pineapple pieces with water and strain the juice.
    • Step 3: Since pineapple juice is already sweet you might not need to add any sweetener but if you've got a sweet tooth, simply add sugar/honey
    • Step 4: Garnish it with crushed ice if preferred and enjoy.

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