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    Zobo drink also known as Zoborodo or Hibiscus drink is a popular nutritious healthy drink to make at home. It goes by different names such as Rosella in Australia, Jamaican sorrel drink in the Caribbean, Sobolo in Ghana, depending on the region it's prepared. It's a rich and natural health drink filled with enormous benefits.

    Cooking Time : 0 hrs 40mins
    Servings : 1
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    • 150g Zobo leaves
    • 7 Liters water
    • 30g Dry ginger or Fresh ginger
    • 3 tbsps. Cloves a.k.a Konofiri
    • 1 Large Pineapple
    • Artificial flavours and sweeteners such as (foster Clark’s Pineapple flavour, jolly juice e.t.c) -Optional.
    • Sugar Cane or Honey - Optional (You can substitute with Sugar)
    • Step 1: Before peeling the pineapple, wash the skin thoroughly and rinse with clean water. You can use both the inner part and the outer skin to get added
    • Step 2: Wash the dry leaves of the hibiscus severally with cold water. Once you're done washing, place the washed leaves in a large pot and add the water and turn on your burner.
    • Step 3: Add the chunks of pineapple, ginger and Cloves (Konofiri).
    • Step 4: Sieve out the extract into a bowl and leave the drink to cool. The boiled leaves in the pot can still be reused till the red color of the zobo totally reduces.
    • Step 5: This is supposed to be a health drink so we ensurewe use only natural sweeteners and flavors like honey, sugar cane juice, pineapple juice etc. Alternatively if you don't have the natural juices, you can substitute with Artificial flavors and sweeteners such as Foster clarks flavor, Nutri C, jolly juice e.t.c.
    • Step 6: Refrigerate and serve cold.

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