Hello Flat Tummy!

Date: Jul 04, 2020Posted by Admin

Ever wondered how so many women manage to maintain their curvaceous shape especially after child birth.

A lot of people have pondered on this “flat tummy” issue as it seems to be the constant road block to flaunting their body con dresses and skirts or even some pant suits.

Some have tried going with their friends to the gym but procrastination, laziness and gym fee won’t let them do it, So here are some ‘Do it Yourself (DIY) tips and maybe finally you can say “Hello Flat Tummy”. 

Please note that if you want to include dieting or meal planning to achieve the ‘FLAT TUMMY’ please seek the advice of a certified meal planner, nutritionist or dietician. Also note that it is best to eat foods reach in PROTEIN as most of us usually make the mistake of eating foods rich in carbohydrate and soda after work out session.

Always remember to include a healthy portion of fruits and vegetables in your diet and completely stay away from late dinner.